Private Collection and nursery


Alvaralto is located 100 km from Santiago, near La Campana National Park (Olmué), and shares with this Park the same type of unique vegetation, amongst an environment of great beauty.

Here you can enjoy our private collection housing around 4,000 species, as a result of more than 30 years of patient and dedicated work. You will also have the opportunity to appreciate our cactus and succulents garden, distributed in a large surface of 3,000 m2.

Our “third life” project began in 1993 with the reproduction of Chilean and exotic species for self-sufficiency, which led us to set up a formal nursery where we have for sale more than 600 varieties of plants, as well as cacti and succulent seeds of various ages.

Some years back we made the decision to share our private collection with the public, so we are now open for programmed visits (see the visit section for more details)


We invite you to enjoy this wonderful world as much as we do!

Ingrid Schaub