From Santiago

(Approximately 1 h 45 m)

Take the Panamericana Norte until the TILTIL exit and continue through to the end of the village without making any turn (you will be driving in parallel to the train line). When you see the road sign OLMUE or CUESTA LA DORMIDA (to your left) just  follow it.

Carry on through CUESTA LA DORMIDA and drive down to the village of QUEBRADA ALVARADO. Follow the road sign LAS PALMAS and drive until you reach the restaurant "No me Olvides".


From Valparaíso - Viña del Mar

(Approximately 1 h 45 m)

Take the Troncal Sur motorway and continue towards LIMACHE and then to OLMUE. Around 18 kms passed OLMUE you will be able to find QUEBRADA ALVARADO. Once there you need to follow direction LAS PALMAS and drive to the restaurant "No me Olvides".


From Quebrada Alvarado to Alvaralto

First cross the bridge and continue straight on the route F-684 (5 km) until you reach El Refugio bus stop (green building). Continue to the right until the summit (1 km), then turn left following the asphalt. Cross a wooden bridge (1 km) and after the bridge take the first road on your right (700 mt). Follow the asphalted road (you will find poles painted with a green spray mark). When the asphalt ends you will need to carry on a dirt road about 300 m where you will reach a light green metalic gate (located on your left) that will be closed.

You made it. Ring the bell and we will open.


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