Sales Room

Plants in flowerpots

Our sales room is open at no cost to all visitors who want to purchase cactus and succulent plants in flower pots. However, visits must be arranged in advance.

A transfer payment of $ 40,000 will be requested at the time of arranging the visit.

$35.000 will be added to your final purchase. 

$5.000 will correspond to the administration fee.

We just receive a maximun of 3 visitors at the time.


Ground plants

In Alvaralto we also sell plants directly from our gardens. A transfer of $ 40,000 will be requested at the time of booking the visit, ($35.000 of which will be added to your final purchase).

You must book in advance paying the full fee. 

For booking a visit please contact María Natalia Castro at: / +56 9 8188 3786


Datos para efectuar el depósito:

            Titular: Ingrid Schaub

             Banco Santander Santiago

             Cuenta corriente N°: 71201015

             RUT: 4.821.829-6


Please note that:
Alvaralto does not offer transportation or freight service.

It is possible to buy plants and collect them later.

If somehow you have booked a visit and do not show up, the money will not be refunded.