ABOUT SALES                                                          
  • Seeds are only sold through internet in packs containing 20/10 or 5 units, writing to alvaraltoseeds@gmail.com

  • The minimum purchase is USD25/EUR25 plus USD5 for mailing costs. You have to choose the seeds and refer to them using the matching codes and the number of packs you need (with a maximum of three packs per seed type).

  • General prices per pack are USD1,6/EUR1,35.

  • Seeds of Copiapoa de hábitat CH have a different price of USD4,5/EUR4 per pack.

  • Seeds of Conophytum have also a different price of USD2,1/EUR1,8 per pack.

  • To the final Price there is a USD5 fee for shipping in case of international purchases. We use Correos de Chile certified post service for international shipping. 

  • Purchases to be delivered in Chile are paid directly by the buyer. 

  • Delivery will be completed once the full payment has been received.

  • Alvaralto does not take any responsability for lost items during shippig and the money will not be refund.

  • Please consider that additional charges may apply depending on the payment method. 


Payment Methods


Current Account No. 24014179-02

Account holder name: Carolina Arlette Frêne Candia

ID number (RUT): 14.458.050-8

E-mail: alvaraltoseeds@gmail.com

SWIFT Code: BCHICLRM (international payments only)



Moneygram or Western Union ONLY

Carolina Arlette Frêne Candia

ID number (RUT): 14.458.050-8